How we help Advertisers

Through our talented network of publishers, Adservice helps your company reach new customers and increase your online exposure while you only pay for actual results.

Emma Sellén,
Nordic Sales Director

Reach new customers with affiliate marketing

Adservice is a market leader in effective affiliate marketing. We match your brand with our strong network of motivated publishers, and we continuously help you run outstanding campaigns where you only pay per acquisition.

Based on our many years of experience, as well as several collaborations with some of the biggest companies in the world, we can assure you that your company´s brand will be our highest priority.

The benefits of being an Advertiser with Adservice

  • Increase your online exposure and reach your target audience through new media channels
  • Optimize your marketing budget by only paying for actual results (e.g. per acquisition)
  • Marketing on your terms with your full control and our transparency
  • Increase brand awareness with your target audience by running precise campaigns through our large network of talented publishers
  • Full-service-packages with professional expertise and exceptional customer support

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Our circle of affiliate marketing

Adservice helps Advertisers run campaigns and reach new customers through our large network of specialized and hand-picked publishers.

Affiliate marketing includes four principle actors:


Purchases a


Drives traffic by
promoting campaigns
to customers


Sets up campaigns,
tracks conversions and
manages finances


Reaches the customer
and makes the final

Get paid

Advertisers only pay Adservice when an actual conversion is generated, at which point Adservice pays the Publisher.

What is the benefit for agencies?

Tap into our extensive knowledge base that we obtained by running thousands of successful campaigns. Together, we can improve the performance and results for your company and your clients.

Adservice has a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals, who can offer valuable market information that has been gained by running thousands of campaigns through our network.

Our extensive experience working with some of the best agencies in the world has demonstrated our tremendous track record as well as our market knowledge, our cooperative spirit and affiliate marketing expertise.

Our objective is to run outstanding campaigns and ensure that the campaign management runs smoothly. We strive to be the preferred long-term partner for agencies by being solution-oriented, professional and efficient in everything we do.

Benefits of using Adservice as an agency

  • Get a Dedicated Manager for your agency
  • Tap into our extensive knowledge of affiliate marketing
  • Experience Professional campaign management
  • Competitive performance-based pricing

Matching you with relevant publishers

Adservice has an enormous network of publishers with various media channels consisting of blogs, websites, newsletters, comparison sites, social media etc.

Always get the
best positioning

As your business partner, we will help you reach new customers through our large network of Publishers with a wide range of available media channels.

We have a close collaboration with our publishers, and we chose them carefully to ensure that your brand´s integrity stays intact. We value quality over quantity.

We match strong brands with relevant media to reach engaged customers to secure quality results in campaigns. It becomes a win for everyone involved.

Why you should choose us as your affiliate partner?

We believe that launching an effective affiliate campaign should be accessible for more companies. That´s why professional expertise, unrivaled tracking and professional customer service is all included when you decide to
run your campaigns with Adservice.

You´ll have your own Personal Account Manager while working with us. Your manager will take care of all of the contacts with our publishers and provide you with professional advice and support throughout the entire process.

Based on our many years of experience, as well as collaborations with some of the biggest companies in the world, we ensure that your brands integrity stays intact while expanding your business.

When you work with Adservice, you will always know where and how your brand is being promoted. We offer full transparency regarding our campaigns.

You can be confident that when you align yourself with Adservice, we will deliver high quality and long-lasting results with your online campaigns.

We run and continuously improve our own affiliate platform, which makes us adaptable to the ever-changing markets. This makes us the best choice as a provider of forward-thinking affiliate marketing.

How to get started

Guidance every step of the way

We have made it easy to launch an effective affiliate campaign. We offer a full-service-package which includes helpful assistance, professional expertise, in-depth industry knowledge, technical support and management of tracking and payments. Therefore, it can´t possibly get any easier to
start running your campaigns with us.

Together, we can develop goals and expectations for your upcoming campaign. We select a pricing model together and discuss the specific conditions of the campaign.

We will set up your campaign, produce banners and landing pages before we launch and distribute the final product to our network of publishers.

Once your campaign is live, our publishers will provide traffic to your specified campaign link.

Your account manager at Adservice will work proactively on the campaign, and you can follow the developments in our client interface using your personal client login.

We value our relationships

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