Why Adservice is Your Go-To Solution for Affiliate Campaign Management

We believe that launching an effective affiliate campaign should be accessible for more companies. That´s why professional expertise, unrivaled tracking and professional customer service are all included when you decide to run your campaigns with Adservice.

Affiliate Expert in the Nordics

Since 2007 we’ve built the leading affiliate network in the Nordics. We will make sure your expansion in the Nordics happen swiftly and effectively.

Industry Leading Tech

We develop innotive tech solutions in the affiliate marketing industry which makes your experience better and more reliable.

High Quality Publishers

We review & talk to every publisher before they are approved. This ensures the highest quality of media channels and better performance on your campaigns.

How to get started

Guidance every step of the way

We have made it easy to launch an effective affiliate campaign. We offer helpful assistance, professional expertise, in-depth industry knowledge, technical support and management of tracking and payments. Therefore, it can´t possibly get any easier to start running your campaigns with us.

Create Your Profile

Together, we can develop goals and expectations for your upcoming campaign.

Create Your First Campaign

You will set up your campaign, select a pricing model and the specific conditions of the campaign.

The Campaign is Approved

Once your campaign is live, our publishers will provide traffic to your specified campaign link.

Start Seeing Results

You will work proactively on the campaign, and you can follow the developments in our client interface

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