Your Comparison Site stays up-to-date with Adservice’s Comparison Solution

Adservice Comparison Feeds make it easy to setup a comparison site or monetize your existing site. We are constantly expanding our list of available feed categories and additional countries.

Available feed categories

  • Loans & quick loans
  • Credit cards
  • Broadband
  • Web-hosting
  • Casinos
  • Dating
  • Magazines
  • Mobile subscriptions
  • Unemployment
    Insurance Funds

Easy implementation. Everywhere.

Adservice Comparison Feeds can easily be implemented on any site. All data in the feeds is automatically and instantly updated. No need to spend time manually adjusting numbers or removing expired products. We have made our comparison feeds fully responsive so that you can connect with the mobile users.

Start leveraging your existing site’s traffic to earn extra income

Start using Adservice Comparison Feeds today by becoming a publisher with Adservice or log in to your existing Adservice publisher account and navigate to Publisher Tools to get started.

Implementation Methods

  • Wordpress Comparison Feed Plugin – Simply install and set up directly in Wordpress CMS
  • iFrame Generator – Generate iFrames with the feeds you choose directly in our Publisher Interface
  • JSON data – Use our data, but style the output yourself for maximum customizability

Available Countries