Seamless integration with leading platforms

We have made it easy for you to keep using the features you know and love. We are able to fully integrate with Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Facebook Tracking.

Google Adwords done right

We have made it easy to optimize your Google Adwords spending to drive focused traffic to your site.

Our tool makes smart-suggestions based on past performance statistics and even tells you about words you shouldn’t buy.

Connect your Google Adwords and Adservice accounts and install a small Adservice script on your comparison sites. All sites with the script installed, will automatically be created as “Medias” in your Google Adwords account.

Furthermore, all of your conversions will automatically be transferred to your Google Adwords account as income. It is incredibly easy to be an Adservice Affiliate in addition to a Google Adwords professional.

Google Adwords features

  • Optimize your Adwords purchasing decisions
  • Easy integration using a single script
  • All sites with our script will automatically be created as “Medias” in your existing Google Adwords account
  • All conversions will be transferred to your Google Adwords account as income.

Keep track of users’ behaviors with powerful Google Analytics Tracking

Knowing your audience is key to optimizing your advertising efforts. When using our Google Analytics Tracking solution, the conversions you generate will be registered as “Events” in your Analytics account. The amount of information being recorded is fully customizable, and the User IDs supplied from Analytics allow us to pair the Events with a user. In short, we have also made this a seamless experience.

Google Analytics Tracking features

  • Tracks all your conversions as “Events” directly in Google Analytics
  • Easy to implement – especially if you already have one of our tracking scripts installed
  • Works independently alongside all of our other tracking systems
  • Keeps tracking even if users have ad blockers
  • Supports tracking across multiple media

Optimize your Facebook ad spending

Get the complete overview and make changes to your ads with this powerful Facebook Tracking tool. Simply add your Facebook Pixel to the Adservice Third-Party Tracking Platform to get started. All of your conversions will automatically transfer to your Facebook Ads Manager as income.

Facebook Tracking features

  • Easily track your Facebook conversions
  • Make changes to your ads quickly based on data
  • Customize the tracking by adding additional parameters
  • Receive conversions in Facebook Ads Manager as income

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