Track every move

We know how important accurate tracking is in affiliate marketing. Avoiding junk data so that you can track only real data is our most important function as an affiliate partner. Our state of the art tracking solutions provide you with only reliable data.

Adservice Callback function

Changing software and services can lead to workflow disruptions. We developed the Adservice Callback function so you can keep using your current platform while working with Adservice.

If you have your own statistics system and want to keep using that, the Adservice Callback functionality can feed your system our data about conversions automatically. This makes transitioning to working with Adservice a seamless experience.

Third-Party Tracking Pixel

With the Adservice Third-Party Tracking Pixel, you can track your leads and sales generated through Adservice campaigns in another third-party Pay Per Click program, such as Google Adwords.

Adservice Callback features

  • Automatically send Adservice statistics to other proprietary systems
  • Receive automatic email updates when reaching certain criteria
  • Collect statistics from several partner programs in a single interface
  • Get automatic exports of conversion data in different formats
  • Customize the amount of callback data by adding additional parameters

Third-Party Tracking Pixel Features

  • Track your leads and sales in a third-party program, like Google Adwords
  • Customize the amount and specificity of the exported data
  • Optimize Adwords to track bids by keywords and ads with the best conversion rates