Improve tomorrow’s statistics today

Whether you are a client or a publisher, advanced statistics are crucial to benchmark your efforts. With the statistics gathered in our interface, you will have access to the most powerful and flexible statistics tools that will allow you to quickly find just the numbers you need.

Stay one step ahead

Do my campaigns convert best on mobile devices or desktops? What time of day is the most profitable? What media delivered the most traffic?

We have made it easy for you to find all of these answers and more. Our interface is tailored to give you accurate statistics while keeping the process simple so that you can find everything you need.

Don’t leave your performance to chance

Leverage the power of statistics to make more informed, calculated decisions and watch your performance improve as you get to know your audience even better.


  • Highly accurate statistics’ searches made easy
  • Measure and improve your performance based on knowledge
  • Integrates easily with Google AdWords Conversions, callbacks and much more.

Technically speaking

Find all the statistics metrics you expect from a modern and cutting-edge affiliate network.

Advertiser Statistics

  • Total clicks, unique clicks, orders, cost per click, conversion rates and spending.

Publisher Statistics

  • Impressions, total clicks, unique clicks, leads, sales, earnings per click (EPC), conversion rate % (CR % ), and subtotal and total revenue
  • Break down the metrics mentioned above based on: year, month, day, campaigns, media, banner, product and more.