Meet the new european influencer network

Adservice Influencer is a full service agency that will help YOU – both as an influencer and client to reach your full potential, in the most effective way.

We find the most engaged, local and trustworthy influencers for your brand

Everyone can find influencers with the most followers - but is that always the way to go? At Adservice Influencer we do more that just count followers, we help clients reach a trustworthy, local and engaged audience with performance as our main focus.

Using our 12 years of experience within online marketing, we have the best technological and tracking programs in the business. We know the influencers, vloggers and bloggers, and we will find the most suitable influencers and connect it with your brand

We help ensure that you will get the most ROI by using performance marketing – We will help and guide you to get the best results and reach, when promoting your brand through influencers.

  • We help businesses promote their brands with targeted influencers - all over Europe
  • Tailor-made strategy til effective execution – this will give you the best results
  • We work proactively with influencers and clients, to ensure the be best return of both efforts

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